1. Who can play these games?


    Escape room games can be played by anyone who wants to experience something different and fun in a group. Room Escape Lappeenranta offers fun activities to, for example, couples, groups of friends or families. In addition, these games are fun additions to bachelor or birthday parties and excellent gifts for housewarming parties, weddings, engagement parties or, for example, graduations. These games are ideal for business events to help teams to work together.


    The age limit for these games is 15 years. Any younger players can take part when accompanied by an adult. However, the minimum age limit is 12 years.


    2. How many can play at the same time?

    The size of a team can range from two to five people. The recommended size is 3–4 people to produce the best possible experience, while offering plenty to do for everyone. Any larger groups (4–10 people) can play head-to-head at the same time. If your group is even larger, you can form many smaller teams and play at different times during the day. Later, you can see how you did.


    3. Do I need to do something before the game?

    No, we will explain everything when you arrive. You do not need any special equipment to play, and you can come wearing your regular clothes. Furthermore, you do not need any special shoes, as you need to take your shoes off before playing. You can read the background stories at our website before your game.


    4. How long does it take to play?

    Your team has 60 minutes to escape the room, but the entire visit takes approximately 90 minutes. We hope that you arrive 15 minutes before your game, so that we can explain what you need to do. After your game, taking a group photo, giving feedback and answering any questions you might have will take 10–15 minutes. You can also buy refreshments from our bar.


    5. Can we bring any alcoholic beverages?

    We serve alcoholic beverages, and you are not permitted to bring your own drinks. To escape the room, you need to solve puzzles and use your wits, and we recommend that you have a clear head. We reserve the right to prevent any clearly intoxicated customers from entering the facilities for the safety of other players and the game master. You cannot bring any food or drinks to the escape rooms to prevent the props from getting dirty or damaged.


    6. Can I leave the room during the game?

    Yes, you can. If you want to interrupt your game for any reason, the game master will let you out, even if you still have playing time remaining.


    7. How do I pay for my game?

    Games are paid for after playing using cash or a credit/debit card. Companies can also pay using an invoice, in which case we will charge an invoicing extra of €5. Please ask for an invoice when booking your game. We also accept Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli vouchers, ePassi and S Group gift cards.


    8. What if I want to change the number of players after booking a game?

    We will charge you for the game after you have played. This means that we do not need to know the exact number of players beforehand. If you need to change the number of rooms you are going to use, please let us know at least two days before your game, for example, if you need to change your booking from a head-to-head battle into a regular game.


    9. How can I cancel my booking?

    You can cancel your booked game 48 hours beforehand by telephone or via email. If you cancel your game less than 48 hours beforehand, we will collect a late cancellation charge of €50. If you do not cancel your game, we will collect the full price as a no-show charge.