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    Booking Room Escape Lappeenranta

    At Room Escape Lappeenranta, you have two different games to choose from: Horror of the bank and The hermit of Valtakatu. A single game can have 2–5 players. If your team consists of more the five players, we recommend that you play The hermit of Valtakatu. In a head-to-head game, a group of 4–10 players will be divided into two smaller teams to play The hermit of Valtakatu in two different rooms at the same time. When booking a game, please make sure that you select the correct The hermit of Valtakatu game according to the size of your team. However, you do not need to tell us the final number of players, as we will charge you for your game when you arrive according to the actual number of players. Players must arrive 15 minutes before the game starts so that we can explain the rules of the game to you. As a result, your visit will take approximately 90 minutes.

    If you have any questions about booking, contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling +358 10 762 1455. We mainly respond to emails and calls on Tue–Fri between 4 pm and 8 pm and on weekends between 3 pm and 8 pm. If we are unable to answer your call, please send us a contact request at our website. We also recommend that you read the responses to frequently asked questions in the Info section at our website.

    Horror of the Bank (2-5 people)

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    Valtakadun erakko (2-5 henkilöä)

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    Valtakadun erakko (mittelö 4-10 henkilöä)

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