Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions


    1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your game begins. If required, any delays can be reduced from the actual playing time.


    2. The person who books the game must ensure that the time is correct and take into account the maximum number of players.


    3. Please check your email, as only email confirmations confirm your booking.


    4. All bookings are binding, unless they are changed as agreed upon separately.


    5. Booked games can be cancelled 48 hours before the game by telephone or via email. If you cancel your game later than 48 hours beforehand, we will charge a late cancellation charge of €50. If you do not cancel your game, we will charge the full price.


    6. We recommend that you have a clear and open mind when playing, as these games require ingenuity and sharp-wittedness. We serve alcoholic beverages, and you are not permitted to bring your own drinks. You can buy refreshments from our bar after your game. We reserve the right to prevent any clearly intoxicated customers from entering the facilities for the safety of other players and the game master. If your game needs to be cancelled or interrupted due to excessive intoxication, we will charge the full price.


    7. Games are paid for after playing using cash, a credit/debit card or accepted payment vouchers (Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli vouchers, ePassi). Companies can pay with an invoice. We will charge an invoicing fee of €5.


    8. If you want your game to be in English, please enter your preferences in the Additional information field when booking your game.


    9. Taking photos in the escape room is prohibited.